No Denying The Presence of the Utility Pole

Wondering if the utility pole will ever be a thing of the past. Building after Hurricane Sandy sparked a desire to turn the standard enclosed ground level garage into a "carport" of light shelter where the waves, if they ever decide to pay a visit, can flow through.

Oceanfront, Beach Haven, NJ completed in 2014.


The culmination of ideas from the conference table to the drawing board, the computer to the hammer contributes to the process of designing a home.   Meetings, program and code analysis along with site visits get the process started. Pencil-to-paper sketching and our in-house 3D imaging lead to detailing and construction documentation.  Quite an exciting time to be a part of making spaces and places in this progressive digital age. On a beautiful slice of Long Beach Island, this one is well underway.

The Backyard

Thinking of the edges and in-between spaces. Connecting the inside to the outside, gracefully landscaped with the owner's vision of a peaceful oasis in the middle of this busy beach town.  


Weathered cedar is as good as it gets along the coast.  The best time to take photos is a couple of years later.  


A spectacular day on LBI today -bright sunshine, blue skies with a warm and perfectly salty breeze.  A great example of one of our clients' green thumbs making their "house" a "home".  Happy June!


In our product laden world, Pirch, a new store in SoHo, just opened and may be a fresh approach to keeping up with the latest technology in kitchen, bath, and laundry.  We haven't been, but let us know if you have! We'll give you a review if we visit.


Stay tuned!  We will be doing all things architecture, east coast and miscellany! 

Photo by Scott Meggitt

Photo by Scott Meggitt